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Riccia fluitans

AKA Floating Crystalwort, Sold in a tub

Cameroon Moss

Sold in a small tub. One of the more rare moss plants with fronds almost like a fern-like structure. When grown out can resemble a bushy fern plant.

Nymphoides Hygrophylla

Type: Dwarf Lily, Rosette Difficulty: Easy Size: 15 – 30cm in (height) 10 – 15cm in (width) Usage: Midground to background placement Growth rate: Fast Lighting: Low - High CO2: Not required Propagation: Plantlets will emerge from the leaf blade junction and can be separated from the mother plant

Anubias nana Golden

Origin and habitat: Anubias plants are part of the Araceae family originating from Africa and exist in a number of different

Marimo moss ball

Medium Marimo moss are commonly known as living pets which prefer cooler water and good water quality. They are easy